Rics Mobile Powerwashing started in 2001 in New Buffalo, MI and moved to St Joseph, MI in 2004. We continued to power wash homes, concrete, and decks. Commercial and industrial projects include mold/mildew removal, bird feces removal and graffiti.

We added the process of gutter cleaning and the installation of Diamond Filtered Gutter Guards to our business in 2004, Offering several styles and price points of gutter guards which gives the customer the option of easier and less frequent home maintenance.


Decks - Low pressure w/high volume removes the mold/mildew without harming the wood or (composite decks).
Roof Shingles - Remove those black ugly marks with our cleaning solution & low pressure application.
Siding - all types of siding can be cleaned with RICS CLEANING SYSTEM to remove the mold/mildew.
Gutters - We clean the gutters, down spouts and the underground drain. RIC'S can take off those Moldy black striped gutters and clean them up to an almost new condition.
Gutter Cover Installation - RIC'S uses the DIAMOND FILTERED type of gutter guard. You can visit our supplier Diamondback Gutter Covers to get a better idea of the quality and durability of the gutter covers we use.

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The city of BRIDGMAN contracted Rics Mobile Power Washing to Power Wash their North Side Dune Walk and seal the entire 21,000 Sq. Ft. The start of the project has begun. We will update pictures as the work progresses. Click here to view the before and progress photos.

No job too much to handle, looking for completion within 1 week
Thanks Bridgman!!